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Smart Grid Overview
Areva Smart Grid

You may have heard of SMART GRIDS...

What exactly does it mean?

SMART GRID is the transmission and distribution power grid of the future

Electrical grids need to deliver more energy, with greater flexibility, and in a more complex environment - but with the same infrastructure - going from today's one-way centralized electricity network towards a dynamic and bidirectional flow of energy and data.

You can see the smart grid solution of Areva  at here.


Customer feedback

Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam


"These projects finished and we satisfied with the results. PRP brought us the sufficient and easy-to-use transmission charges calculation model. The IT system and ERAV’s website met our requirement and the training for ERAV’s staffing using the IT system and website was undertaken carefully"

 Thang Long JSC.

TLP "The Grid Impact study was prepared thoroughly and defended successfully. The SCADA and metering system was designed professionally and adequately. We feel pleased with the results PRP brought to us."

 AES Transpower

AES "The study and two supplementary reports was conducted comprehensively and carefully, with accurate computation and precise assessment. We are looking forward to cooperate with PRP in future."

 PV Nhon Trach 2 JSC.

PV NT2 "PRP is an experienced Consultant Company in preparing the Grid Impact Study; we choose them as the perfect Consultant to do it and PRP did not disappointed us."


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