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Power System Analysis
Power System AnalysisPower System Analysis

Our team was equipped with specialized computing tools will conduct ultimate services including:

1. Evaluate the necessity of new transmission lines, substations: Before construction phase, even when a grid construction was stated in a power development plan, it is still required to assess and evaluate carefully on the necessity of that construction to ensure the efficiency of an investment decision. Supported by an expertise team competent ability in power system analysis of, equipped with specialized analyzing tool, Vietnam PRP will bring you the best consulting service assessing a grid construction necessity;

2. Grid Connection Impact Study: When invest in a power plant, Grid Impact Study is quite a significant issue because of the following reasons:
- The connection option must be able to transmit the full capacity of power plant in all operation scheme;
- Mandatory to provide a comprehensive assessment on the impact of power plant onto national power system;
  Thus, all new power plants required to have the Grid Impact Study adopted by National Power Transmisstion Corporation (NPT) and approved by the authority. PRP will help investor to conduct this Grid Impact Study meeting the two requirements above in the most efficiently way, therefore promote investor in finalization of investment formality steps.

3. Real-time Analysis of power system: So far, the National Load Dispatch Center (NLDC), three Regional Load Dispatch Centers (RLDCs) and some Power Companies (PCs) were equipped with SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system. It will collect the real time data of power system (from generators, substations) to transmit to NLDC and RLDCs in order to allow operators monitor the operation of power system. However, the data analysis and exploration of EMS/DMS (Energy Management System/Distribution Management System) application to analyze the power system operation to provide alarm, failure restore solutions are still limited… By analyzing tools, Vietnam PRP Corp. develops applications analyzing power system in real time, i.e. load flow analysis (LF), contingency analysis (CA), stability analysis, maximum transmission limit, etc…;

4. Optimal power flow (OPF) and optimal switching: Our service includes: Assess power system operation state, provide the best solution to optimize the power flow, optimize the network configuration, figure out the optimal switching points in the grid to minimize the lost of network while ensure the highest reliability of power system.


Customer feedback

Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam


"These projects finished and we satisfied with the results. PRP brought us the sufficient and easy-to-use transmission charges calculation model. The IT system and ERAV’s website met our requirement and the training for ERAV’s staffing using the IT system and website was undertaken carefully"

 Thang Long JSC.

TLP "The Grid Impact study was prepared thoroughly and defended successfully. The SCADA and metering system was designed professionally and adequately. We feel pleased with the results PRP brought to us."

 AES Transpower

AES "The study and two supplementary reports was conducted comprehensively and carefully, with accurate computation and precise assessment. We are looking forward to cooperate with PRP in future."

 PV Nhon Trach 2 JSC.

PV NT2 "PRP is an experienced Consultant Company in preparing the Grid Impact Study; we choose them as the perfect Consultant to do it and PRP did not disappointed us."


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